DJ Dysfunction started off back in 1996 as a radio DJ at Montclair State University. He had the pleasure of bringing goth/industrial music to the local airwaves with his weekly program, "The Continuum." Not long after, in the summer of 1998, he and co-host, DJ Helix, began DJing a weekly goth/industrial night in QXT's lower level. As his time at QXT's went on, he eventually found himself in the role of promoter, helping to organize, book, and promote various events. Meanwhile, Dysfunction could be found guest DJing at other events, such as Batcave, Evilution, and Zenwarp. After a brief hiatus from working at QXT's, DJ Dysfunction has returned to the DJ roster and promotional staff. Dysfunction can now be found every week downstairs in Area 51, spinning a variety of electronic music, and every 1st Saturday of the month on the main floor with DJ Victrola and DJ Luna for QXT's "No Cover Nights."