DJ Wintermute begin his career in the late 90s at various NYC clubs, such as the Limelight, Flamingo East, Seho, the Rubber Monkey Fetish parties and the Pyramid. He became well known for seamlessly mixing in and out of the various sub genres of Industrial, from classic Industrial to Dark Elektro, EBM and Rhythmic Noise. He became know as a DJ that would always surprise, whether it was constantly striving to break new artists, or defying expectation with the format of his sets; if you were expecting a Dark Elektro set, he would play a scorching set of old school EBM. The early 2000s saw him playing live keys for the New Jersey Elektro Industrial outfit, Life Cried, and starting to explore various guest spots in New Jersey at QXTs, Düvel in Clifton, Conduit in Trenton and various parties in Philly, to name a few. He found a unique home at QXTs with a crowd that became one of the most hardcore and forward- thinking Industrial crowds on the East Coast.Through DJing and his increased interest in Rhythmic Noise and Power Noise, he started his solo project, Cenotype. He played his first of many Cenotype shows at QXTs in 2002. QXTs has remained home base for Cenotype ever since!DJ Wintermute became a weekly resident of the legendary Blasphemy Saturday party at QXTs in 2002 and was involved with countless amazing QXTs events and shows and also helped to promote for both Friday and Saturday nights until 2008, when he took a brief break from DJing, only doing staggered guest spots. DJ Wintermute has found a renewed love for slamming down the hardest Industrial at QXTs once again, having done various guest spots in the past few months. He will be happily rejoining the QXTs staff as a Friday night resident in Area 51!