DJ Ron Medina first became interested in DJ’ing in the late 80s.  He would attend numerous inner city college parties which held DJ Crew battles.  The music showcased was mainly underground house music.  From there, Ron joined several crews and began honing his skill behind the turntables.  Ron used strictly vinyl records.  Beat-matching, blending and cutting were essential in the house music scene. 

After several years he came across a small restaurant in Newark called Don Quixote’s.  The restaurant later changed their name to “QXT’s”.  They played Goth, Industrial and New Wave.  Ron quickly became a fan and was a regular on Friday nights.  In 1993, the owners had gotten word about his DJ’ing and asked him to fill in while the resident Main Floor DJ was on vacation.  Ron jumped at the opportunity and made the most of it.  He DJ’d a few more times and in 1998 he was asked to become the new Main Floor resident DJ.  From that point on, Ron was fortunate enough to work with a great staff that helped put QXTs on the map as the premier Goth/Industrial/Alternative nightclub in NJ. 

Ron has always had a love for so many different genres of music.  From Elvis Presley to Old School Hip Hop to New Country and everything in between, his diversity and knowledge of music is second to none.  He still prefers using CDs over digital files via laptop or iPad, but intends on making the switch in the near future.  After a brief hiatus, Ron is back spinning twice a month on Fridays.