DJ TM5 has been a DJ for the past 13 years in the northeast Goth, Industrial, Darkwave,and 80s scene and has held over 7 different residencies along with over 35 various guest spots at different club locations and events. DJ TM5 spins downstairs in The Crypt the first 2 or 3 Saturdays a month and also upstairs for part of the SO-80s Night which is held on the last Friday of each month. He is also QXTs resident "VJ" (video projectionist) on the main floor. The first 2 or 3 Saturdays a month he shows (per night), 2 "cult classic" movies on the large video screen over the dance floor. The last 2 Saturdays, of the month he does "live" video projection mixing on the video screen. Video mixing all kinds of movie and video clips to the beat of the music using a unique setup of over 50 DVDs and 30 VHS tapes with 3 VCR's and 2 DVD players, 4 monitors and a digital video mixer.For the last Friday of the month, in addition to spinning 80s music at 10pm - 11pm and 1:30am - 2am upstairs for our "SO-80s Night" he also shows all kinds of 80s music videos and also various movie clips on the large video screen.

DJ TM5 is also DJ on 103.3 WPRB Princeton NJ with his Tuesday night radio show called "TRANSITIONAL SOUNDSCAPES" 10pm - 12mid. (103.3 FM or online at He spins electro, industrial, darkwave, goth, EBM, IDM, electronic, noise and 80s new wave. He has been on the air for 7.8 years.